Credit Risk Connection has partnered with BankersLab® to develop and deliver a complete range of training and mentoring courses tailored to emerging markets.

Training and mentoring services that are offered include:

Team assessment

Before any training of an analytical team commences, it is best practice to first evaluate the team within a relevant structured framework. CRC makes use of both individual and group questionnaires and assessments to identify the skills and growth opportunities. The knowledge gaps can then be identified and addressed by formal training as well as hands-on project training.

Hands-on training

What better way to learn than by doing? CRC offers hands-on training through involvement in live-projects. Value is gained from both the training of the team as well as a final deliverable and templates for future projects. Apart from the knowledge obtained, trainees acquire additional benefits in the areas of presenting, quality control, knowledge sharing and process structure.

Analytical reviews

Group think and tunnel vision are frequent blockages in analytical projects. CRC offers professional and expert experience in the role of an analytical reviewer for the entire project life cycle. The main objective of the analytical reviewer is to provide guidelines for the analytical design which increases the quality levels of the final project. At the same time, resources will be trained in project management, creating presentations, time management, knowledge management and project structure.

Brainstorming sessions

Ideas grow organically and typically require a fertile environment. A well-structured brainstorming session, with dynamic experts, sparks creativity and critical thinking. Brainstorming sessions can form part of the data input, methodology decision, software selection, process flow and project structure phases. Projects can also be critiqued in a brainstorming session.

Sound boarding

Having access to detailed, topical expertise when problems or queries arise in a live project empowers a team to achieve its goals. CRC offers periodic short-term knowledge sharing sessions in response to real-time project specific queries. CRC can respond to queries via meetings or remotely with the team via email or on the phone.

Team coaching

The dynamic nature of teamwork requires an on-going evaluation of growth and resource planning. CRC assists team managers in resource planning and management, in order to empower staff to reach higher levels of expertise and achieve their objectives.

BankersLab® training courses

Proactive training is vital for the effective implementation of tomorrow’s solutions. We have partnered with BankersLab® to develop and deliver specialised training courses across a wide range of topics:

  • Analytics Challenge
  • AnalyticsLab
  • Behaviour Scoring Challenge
  • Collection Challenge
  • Collection Operations Challenge
  • CollectionLab
  • CollectionLab Fundamentals
  • Collection OpsLab
  • Collector PerformanceLab
  • CreditLab
  • Scoring Challenge
  • ScoringLab

BankersLab® offers a suite of simulation-based consumer lending training products. Each of our multi-day courses is run in a classroom setting and transforms the learner into a player. During the course, teams have to demonstrate expertise in specific areas such as managing retail portfolios, optimising delinquent collections or using credit scores – with the aim of operating the most profitable virtual bank. By playing a Lab simulation game, learners can gain decades of additional ‘experience’ in a virtual setting.

Learning modules require the players to interact with data, interpret trends, understand changing market conditions, and build effective strategies. Each module of the simulation game is linked to content rich course materials, activities, case studies and supportive mobile learning apps.

A library of additional training material is also available for use in client training. The library allows trainers to tailor the course by choosing case studies and activities based on level of difficulty, subject area and market maturity. If required to, using the materials, each Lab course is flexible in terms of length.

BankersLab training products are designed to suit all levels of experience, from entry through to senior management. Clients can select a variety of courses depending on their individual needs.

More information on BankersLab can be found at: