Decision Management

ADEPT™ Decisions – Software as a Service

We provide a FinTech toolkit which includes decisioning software and analytical solutions to automate and simplify your lending process.

ADEPT Decisions combines highly configurable decisioning software with machine learning models, to manage best practice A/B testing of credit risk strategies that will continually test, learn and optimise clients’ portfolios

Unique Features

  • User friendly web-based interfaces
  • SaaS based solution
  • Core ADEPT™ decision engine with 15+ years of continuous development
  • International and domestic references featuring 2 of the 5 top banks in the world
  • Modular strategy design with champion/challenger testing
  • Highly flexible and parameterised system
  • IT department not required for strategy changes
  • Real-time link to primary credit bureau: enquiries and scores
  • Calculates multiple types of score: application scores, behaviour scores, bureau scores
  • Simulations enable testing of strategies to determine their impact before deploying them
  • Unique Operational Variables enable digital customer engagement, lowering costs
  • Subscriber controlled administration and security, with full audit trail
  • Flexible reporting

Consumer Life Cycle

ADP provides end to end management of the entire consumer life cycle. From booking applications, to managing existing customers, and maximising collections and limits. This all occurs within a champion / challenger testing environment, securely hosted in the cloud.

Origination Decisions

Origination Decisions manages the real-time processing of applications, based on the subscriber’s policies and risk strategies. The key objectives of the module are to manage applications using well defined policies and strategies, calculate affordability and automatically allocate facility amounts, terms, pricing conditions and verification requirements.

ODM includes 4 Management Areas which ensure that only high-quality applicants are granted immediate approval, whereas marginal applicants are carefully scrutinised, and the correct information is fully verified:

  • Application Scoring & Affordability
  • Bureaux Management
  • Applications Management
  • Fraud Prevention

The highly flexible Origination strategies can contain a combination of 4 different components:

  • Rule Sets – help to group business rules governing a function
  • Decision Trees – pool of over 150 decision variables available
  • Matrices – used to calculate or assign values in a strategy
  • Functions – perform computation or decision logic

Account Decisions Module

Account Decisions automates the control of existing customers based on their current risk, affordability and spending levels.

ADM has a menu of 5 optional management areas, which ensure that all aspects of the consumer life cycle are co-ordinated via a consistent set of champion/challenger strategies.

  • Behaviour Scoring & Affordability
  • Bureaux Management
  • Communications Management
  • Delinquency Management
  • Limits & Pricing Management
  • Pre-Delinquency Management

The Behaviour Scoring Management Area can calculate an unlimited number of score types including attrition, behaviour, collections, propensity to spend, response, and recoveries.

Bureaux Management can be used to champion/challenge multiple credit bureaux and assign different accounts to different bureaux, based on the client’s policies and strategies.

The Communications Management Area manages marketing to existing customersusing sophisticated decision variables, which comply with a client’s risk appetite.

The 2 Delinquency Management Areas control arrears through proactive pre-delinquency strategies, and appropriate delinquency tactics when the consumer is in an early or late stage of arrears.

Limits and Pricing is focused on spend stimulation, determining consumers’ affordability, authorising temporary over limit positions and calculating scheduled credit limit adjustments.

ADP can also be  configured to automate, calculate and manage the affordability requirements that may be mandated by any national credit legislation.


ADP provides a wide range of unique benefits to clients in emerging markets, including:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS). Subscribers only pay for what they use
  • Rapid and low-cost software integration (typically 3-6 months)
  • Scalable solution, applicable to all portfolio sizes
  • Strategy design enables champion/challenger testing
  • Simulations promote low risk strategy design
  • Internationally based technical, consulting and analytical support
  • Monthly billing, enables accurate forecasting and budgets
  • Fully customised for each client’s unique legal and operating environment
  • Transparent pricing minimises exchange rate risks
  • Rapid ROI for subscribers

More information on the ADEPT™ Decisions Platform can be found at: