Decision Management

Credit Risk Connection has a global partnership with Adaptivate Corporation to provide both on-premises and cloud-based decision management systems.

ADEPT™ On-Premises Software Solutions
Adaptivate provides intelligent decision automation technology, with integrated predictive analytics, for the financial services industries. Based on the co-founders’ combined 50+ years of technical and financial experience, these technologies and analytics form the foundation for cost-effective solutions that address specific problems and help our clients.

  • Control risks, reduce costs, and increase profits
  • Enforce company rules and policies more effectively
  • Simplify, automate, and quickly adapt complex decision processes
  • Comply with Basel II global financial risk management regulation

By closely aligning flexible, easy to use software solutions and business objectives, our software helps automate and improve the rate and quality of credit risk decisions. Our software solutions cover the complete credit life cycle, from credit application acquisition (Loan Origination) to monitoring and maintaining customer accounts (Account Management).

At the core of all our solutions is ADEPT™, our advanced platform that provides a pure business-user focused, strategic risk-based decision management solution, with a built-in business rules engine and scoring engine.

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ADEPT™ Decisions Platform Software as a Service

The ADEPTTM Decisions Platform (ADP) is a unique decision management system, combining an established core decision engine with XDS credit bureau private-cloud managed services, to provide a customised solution for South African clients.

ADP is a cloud-based decision management system which is configured to cover the entire consumer life cycle; from prospecting for new customers to managing new applications, controlling existing accounts and maximising recoveries from write-offs.

ADP combines highly flexible decisioning software, with credit bureau data and scoring models, to manage best-practice Champion/Challenger strategies that will continually test, learn and maximise the profits of a subscriber’s portfolio.

Features of ADP include:

  • Core decision engine with 10+ years of continuous development
  • Fully customised for the South African legal and operating environment
  • Modular strategy design with Champion/Challenger testing
  • Unique Operational Variables enable digital customer engagement
  • Trusted XDS private cloud managed services
  • User friendly web-based interface

Consumer Life Cycle

What makes ADP so unique is that it covers the entire consumer life cycle. From prospecting for new accounts, to booking new applications, managing existing customers, provisioning for credit losses and maximising recoveries. All of this occurs within a Champion/Challenger testing environment, hosted in the cloud.

Origination Decisions

ADP Origination Decisions manages the real-time processing of new customers, based on the subscriber’s policies and risk strategies. The key objectives of the module are to manage applications using well defined policies and strategies, calculate affordability and conduct automated verification of the consumer’s reference and contact credentials.

Marketing Decisions

ADP Marketing Decisions manages the mass onboarding of new customers through the use of sophisticated decision variables, which comply with a client’s risk appetite. Strategies include:

  • Cross sell new products and services to a brands existing customer base
  • Trap XDS credit bureau enquiries for existing customers to combat attrition
  • Prospect for new customers, using POPIA compliant direct marketing principles.

Account Decisions

ADP Account Decisions automates the control of existing customers based on their current risk, affordability and spending levels. Spend stimulation includes determining consumers’ affordability, authorising temporary over limit and credit limit adjustments and conducting appropriate marketing communications with low spending consumers.

Delinquency management controls arrears through proactive pre-delinquency strategies, appropriate delinquency tactics when the consumer is in an early or late stage of arrears and the provisioning and recovery of written-off accounts.


ADP provides a wide range of unique benefits to subscribers, including:

  • Cloud-based solution within trusted managed services
  • Rapid and low-cost software implementation (typically 3-6 months)
  • Modular design so you only pay for what you use
  • Scalable solution, applicable to all portfolio sizes
  • End to end management of all phases of the consumer life cycle
  • Experienced technical, consulting and analytical support

More information on the ADEPT™ Decisions Platform can be found at: