Credit Risk Connection delivers a complete range of consulting services that are tailored to the unique requirements of emerging markets.

We have 100+ years of experience with all consumer credit and SME products in over 30 countries.

Examples of consulting services that can be delivered include:

  • Collections situation analysis
  • Applications processing review
  • Credit operations audit
  • Risk department overview
  • Decisioning strategy design and reviews
  • Interim management assignments

Collections situation analysis

The key objectives of a Collections Situation Analysis are to review a client’s existing collections capabilities, infrastructure and procedures and make an assessment, with detailed recommendations for changes, that will improve the collections results.

Applications processing review

An Applications Processing Review examines a client’s current applications processing environment, technology and policies and results in detailed recommendations for improvements which will lead to increased profitability, decreased write-offs and improved turnaround times.

Credit operations audit

In this audit of an organisations credit operation an end-to-end examination of the structure, capabilities and functions of the department is conducted. Processes are examined and policies are reviewed. A detailed report identifying areas for improvement is delivered to management and the typical benefits include lower costs and improved profitability.

Risk department overview

In this assignment, the client’s risk department is reviewed, which ranges from personnel, structure, capabilities and policies and a detailed assessment is delivered to management, with recommendations for areas of improvement. This can include training suggestions, organisational changes and right-sizing the department.

Decisioning strategy design and reviews

We can provide hands-on assistance with your decisioning strategies, ranging from a second expert opinion review of what a client has designed to a complete end-to-end design of new strategies.

Decisioning consulting can be provided for all types of decision areas:

  • Acquisitions
  • Authorisations
  • Credit Limits
  • Delinquent Collections
  • Marketing
  • Originations
  • Overlimit Collections
  • Reissue
  • Repricing

In addition, we can provide business consulting support to new decisioning users who are just embarking on the implementation of the software and so require assistance with many of the business and design decisions, to ongoing support of experienced decisioning clients.

Interim management assignments

This is provided for clients who require an interim credit and risk manager for a specific time period. The interim manager will run the department or function on an ongoing basis and ensure that a safe pair of hands is at the wheel, pending the client assigning a full-time resource.

Flexible engagements

All of our consulting engagements are delivered on a flexible basis, customised to the client’s specific requirements. For each assignment, the client can elect what the specific focus of the deliverables should be and for how long. Assignments can be scheduled on a fixed-price or retainer basis and the key deliverable is to always deliver tangible business benefits, with a strong focus on common sense recommendations that will rapidly add to the client’s bottom line.