Credit Risk Connection develops, implements and supports a complete range of scorecards and services that are tailored to the unique requirements of clients in emerging markets.

Scorecards and services that are offered include:

  • Application Risk Scorecards
  • Application Attrition Scorecards
  • Expert Application Scorecards
  • Application Scorecard Validations
  • Behaviour Risk Scorecards
  • Collections Scorecards
  • Behaviour Attrition Scorecards
  • Expert Behaviour Scorecards
  • Behaviour Score Validations and Re-alignments

CRC has extensive experience of building robust account origination scorecards which aid in the management of the risk brought on by new customers. The CRC team has an extensive record of developing successful scorecards, both expert models for new portfolios as well as empirical/custom developments for matured products. 

Using data to predict consumer behaviour is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s credit granting environment. CRC personnel have many years of experience developing robust models which predict different types of customer behaviours throughout the entire credit life cycle. 

Examples of these scorecards include collections, customer retention, marketing, response and recoveries.

For more information on our credit risk, collections and direct marketing solutions, tailored to clients in the SEAMEA region, email: