Credit Risk Connection provides a complete range of analytical services tailored to the unique requirements of clients in emerging markets.

We have extensive experience of developing sophisticated analytical models in the credit, collections and marketing environments.

Typical analytical methods include reporting, predictive modelling, mathematical modelling, simulation, statistical analysis and optimisation.

Analytical services that are offered include:

  • Affordability models
  • Agency optimisation
  • Data driven collections strategies
  • Marketing Services models
  • Profitability models
  • Provisioning models

Big data has recently become a focal point of analytics and operations research. The art of using large data sets in descriptive, predictive analytical models and prescriptive analytics is a core skill set of CRC, helping organisations to optimise operations and manage their customers.

CRC boasts over 50 years of applied analytics and operations research experience in a wide array of different industries and contexts.

CRC can assist clients with analytics throughout the entire consumer life cycle, from the acquisition of new accounts to early stage delinquency, marketing and recovery models.

For more information on our credit risk, collections and direct marketing solutions, tailored to clients in the SEAMEA region, email: